;0 Theme Song Competition *Big Prizes!* // New IRC

Posted on October 1st 2002 by mr_lee

;0 Theme song competition
A couple of news-worthy items today. Firstly the announcement of a ;0 Theme song competition with the winner walking off the happy new owner of a 10mb web hosting account. For more information about this competition please have a look here!!

New IRC format / rules
From now on, the channel will on 'invite only' permanantly. This means that you will have to 'invite' yourself everytime you join. Here's how it's done...

To invite yourself type this:

/msg ChanServ invite #semicolon-zero (you can also add this to your 'perform' to save doing it everytime)

this should lead to the following auto-response from ChanServ:

*** ChanServ (ChanServ@services.semicolon-zero.com) invites you to join #semicolon-zero

Double click on "#semicolon-zero" or type /join #semicolon-zero

Congrats, you made it!

The above will not work unless you have an access level with ChanServ on the channel #semicolon-zero. If you do not have access, please send me a private message via the forums or irc, and i'll sort it out. To start the ball rolling access-wise you first need to register your nickname. To do this while connected to the irc server type into your irc client "/msg nickserv register [password]". This will register your current nick and allow us to add you to the access list. If you're struggling to do this type "/msg nickserv help" to get some help from your friendly pal, NickServ.

Nice one and good luck!



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