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February 26th 2011 10 Years Axe
January 18th 2008 Axe works yet more of his magic! mr_lee
December 5th 2007 New IRC Stats Axe
August 29th 2007 Now Entering Web 1.5 Axe
July 16th 2007 Another IRC move Axe
December 22nd 2006 Merry MikeJamesmas Axe
October 12th 2006 Of Life and Death Axe
September 30th 2006 Death of My Brother Kindred
August 21st 2006 Five years later Axe
April 11th 2006 BASEBALL TIME Yucky1
October 4th 2005 Semicolon-Zero: Where are they now? Axe
September 6th 2005 I know when I die I shall breathe my last sigh for caoutchouc
July 3rd 2005 Have a good 4th of July big_tex
June 13th 2005 Where is IRC? I'll tell you where IRC is. Axe
June 4th 2005 Im going home... Himmelstossen
May 29th 2005 New IRC Server sh3p
May 3rd 2005 OH GOD Cat
May 3rd 2005 Tasmania: island of mysteries caoutchouc
April 26th 2005 FUCK THE POPE!!!! Kindred
April 19th 2005 ALL HAIL THE NEW SPACE POPE! Yucky1
March 2nd 2005 WhatPulse sh3p
February 22nd 2005 Secret Santa Results...Two Months Later Axe
January 27th 2005 We have this radio... Yucky1
December 14th 2004 From our family to yours... Happy Holidays! Yucky1
October 9th 2004 Hooray for October! JFK
September 21st 2004 Semicolon-Zero, the feeder site... mmmmm.... Yucky1
September 3rd 2004 The Time Is Nigh Kindred
August 21st 2004 YAY PIAK IS BACK! fr0d
August 19th 2004 Happy Birthday Semicolon-Zero Axe
August 1st 2004 Portals return Axe
July 23rd 2004 A Study on the Anal Insertion of Household Item fr0d
July 7th 2004 Kindred's Ass Kicking Potential Cat
July 2nd 2004 It's Official Kindred
June 23rd 2004 Tiny dancer Axe
June 12th 2004 Class of 2004 Axe
April 18th 2004 Lyth passes out for a record 3 weeks mr_lee
April 16th 2004 Semicolon-Zero Movie Screenshot Competition sh3p
March 29th 2004 The good old times Axe
March 25th 2004 Cat wins the internet Axe
March 16th 2004 Lousy Smarch weather Axe
February 3rd 2004 'We're baaack!' dj_de
January 26th 2004 Super Bowl Time again... Yucky1
January 8th 2004 Year Away... Kindred
December 31st 2003 Semicolon-Zero Annual Financial Report Axe
December 10th 2003 A blast from the past Axe
December 3rd 2003 Sup Everyone fr0d
November 3rd 2003 Not long now. sh3p
October 8th 2003 CHAT LOG WITH THE ONE WHO LEAKED HL2 Yucky1
September 18th 2003 2 years later Axe
September 16th 2003 Site is back! sh3p
September 6th 2003 Inzaghi treble illuminates Italy dubey
September 5th 2003 I am moving to Sweden! Yucky1
September 3rd 2003 The End of Summer fr0d
September 2nd 2003 To get us into the holiday spirit... JFK
August 28th 2003 Whats going on in this news post thing BuG
August 26th 2003 Run like the wind Axe
July 9th 2003 Sup Kindred Yucky1
July 8th 2003 Tragedy within Axe
May 7th 2003 The kewl kidz that are going to E3! Yucky1
April 30th 2003 Wow the cgi script has been fixed!!!! nimec
April 29th 2003 Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Yucky1
March 14th 2003 lol rudesmurf
March 3rd 2003 Site Layout nimec
February 26th 2003 HAY GUYS! Yucky1
February 3rd 2003 New layout nimec
January 28th 2003 HAPPY NEW YEAR ;0 fr0d
January 28th 2003 Happy Fun Story Time involving EVERYONE fr0d
January 24th 2003 Super Bowl SUCKS! Yucky1
January 10th 2003 Goodbye to a friend Axe
January 7th 2003 RIP Madchild r@nd0m
December 30th 2002 The games I got for Xmas... Yucky1
December 25th 2002 Merry Christmas r@nd0m
December 17th 2002 Howdy! nimec
December 17th 2002 Wonderful Wastes of Time icehawk
December 8th 2002 Yucky1's Xmas list Yucky1
December 4th 2002 Drugs, Midgets, and University Minkee
December 2nd 2002 Jewish? Yucky1
November 28th 2002 Happeh Thanksgivering Yucky1
November 28th 2002 What the thanksgiving clouser
November 28th 2002 Brainstorm g0g0g0g0g0g0 and Happy Thanksgiving! nimec
November 26th 2002 o helo my fellow ;0'ers glory
November 26th 2002 cemin nimec
November 26th 2002 y helo 2u. Yucky1
November 25th 2002 Sup ;0 Minkee
October 31st 2002 grahams BIG move rudesmurf
October 20th 2002 Results from the ;0 song competition! mr_lee
October 14th 2002 GRAHAM HAS RETURNED! rudesmurf
October 12th 2002 our great friend, graham rudesmurf
October 1st 2002 ;0 Theme Song Competition *Big Prizes!* // New IRC mr_lee
September 13th 2002 semicolon-zero radio - yes / no mr_lee
September 7th 2002 irc server + other fascinating stuff mr_lee
August 25th 2002 hax0rs r us Axe
August 20th 2002 well well well sh3p
August 14th 2002 helo from roadeh roadeh
August 14th 2002 A new look Axe
July 2nd 2002 Back online Axe
May 13th 2002 yay nemo
April 19th 2002 Webcam Portals roadeh
April 16th 2002 I'll be around sh3p
April 3rd 2002 Semicolon-Zero is 1 year old, somewhat nemo
March 31st 2002 Happy April fools! roadeh
March 28th 2002 16!!!!111 sh3p
March 20th 2002 Life, the Universe, and a birthday! mr_lee
March 20th 2002 Nice work! mr_lee
March 19th 2002 y helo sh3p
March 16th 2002 roadeh si a g0d? rudesmurf
March 7th 2002 new layout roadeh
February 14th 2002 New Forums! mr_lee
February 5th 2002 test pikacheney
February 3rd 2002 Clan [semi0] go live!!! mr_lee
January 31st 2002 [semi0] spray nemo
January 20th 2002 New IRC server Axe
January 1st 2002 A new year Axe
December 23rd 2001 Merry Christmas eve eve Axe
August 28th 2001 Forums are open mr_lee
August 22nd 2001 Welcome to ; mr_lee

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