Clan [semi0] go live!!!

Posted on February 3rd 2002 by mr_lee
The story so far... things have been moving pretty quickly in the counter-strike clan department with Axe coming up with a very nifty clan site found here - Thanks a lot for your hard work Axe! If you think you've got what it takes blah blah blah please give us a yell! We're in the Clanbase League and will be getting our online-act together pretty shortly.

Also we have a very fine piece of artwork that has been submitted thanks to a good friend of mine :) thx r@@s!!~ Here's what to do:

* Open the picture and stare at the three central dots for around 50 seconds

* After this stare at a wall

* Blink like a hero!!!

A mysterious man will be looking back at you ;0
Grab the picture here --->
Thanks again to r@@s for such a cool piece of modern art! You rock!

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