Semicolon-Zero Movie Screenshot Competition

Posted on April 16th 2004 by sh3p
The Movie Screenshot Competition is over, the movies have been safely locked away in Axe's little box of love (along with my heart) and the results have been tallied.

I present to you the three podium places.

First Place:
  • kvaal (8 correct)
Second Place:
  • macabre (7 correct)
Third Place(s):
  • kungfubar (6 correct)

    glory (6 correct)

    mikej (6 correct)

    sh3p (6 correct)
Honourable Mention:
  • Michael-Corleone (5 correct)
However a competition wouldn't be a competition without the phrase "We're all winners!", so head on over and check out the full list right here.

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