Death of My Brother

Posted on September 30th 2006 by Kindred
Right now I am too emotional to type anything eloquent that Jim deserved, but I feel I should at least post the news.

Thursday night Yucky1 died in his sleep. I have spoken with his mother, girlfriend and the Sierra Vista PD. Jim was a prankster, a joker, a caring person with a big heart and a happy soul...but most of all he was my brother. Jim wore a bracelet in my honor while I was in Iraq and he told people how proud he was to know me, he even put together and sent me and my soldiers a care package while we where in Iraq. I talked to Jim three and four times a week, sometimes for more than an hour while we where both on the clock.

I have never felt anyones death more sorely in my life than I am feeling right now. Again when I can clear my head I am going to post a thread honoring Jim and what he meant to me and I hope all of you will add your thoughts as well.

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