Happy Fun Story Time involving EVERYONE

Posted on January 28th 2003 by fr0d
It was sunny outside, otto hated the sun. 'I rally h8 teh sun, it r fgt' thought otto to himself as he put on his black sox. He really liked his black sox, they hugged his ankles in the right places. Sometimes, if he rubbed his ankles against his socks just right, we would cum with the force of a thousand millijoules! But that is another story, and this story is about ottos day.

'lol' Cat sighed to herself as she hurled her mammoth body from the park bench. She was enjoying the sunny afternoon. Much to the chagrin of everyone else at the park, who because of cats massive size was shrouded in a perpetual twilight. Cat didn't mind though, she had a bucked of peel and eat shrimp, and she was going to 'fuxing peel teh shrimp lol' as she calmly cooed in between munching on the little shrimp.

There is one thing about the food chain I must mention, ?The Blue Whale is the largest creature on Earth, yet it eats some of the smallest creatures; krill. Krill are shrimps, and by conclusion, large animals love shrimp? Cat is no exception.

?Jesus fux I mean 10 whole minute!!! I wish I hab car? said otto as he walked to his normal begging corner. You see, otto looked like a hooligan, so no company would hire him! Otto was forced to beg, and because of his cock eye, and crooked nose, he was really good at it.

?HEY YOU JEW GIVE ME QUARTER? otto screamed at a passing man, who later handed him a dollar. ?Thx fgt ^_^.? Otto looked for the next person to ask money for. ?Excuse me sir, but my name is Dubey, and I need someone for my store Dubeys Pets?
?O rally, wut pay?? Otto replied.
?wut? Oh ya I hab to pay lololoololos?
?ya, mebe sex??
?Ya buttse?
?My fav mang?
Suddenly pulling up in his brand new huffy motor bike the local thug kindred threw some buttse at otto and dubey, and quickly drove away screaming ?I BUTSEED TWO FGTS HAHAHA?

Lunch time was almost over for cat, but since her lunch is from 10 AM to 4 PM, it was also almost time for her dinner. ?LOL shrimps :D? cat thought to herself, as she decided to head to the local Popeyes, for some shrimp flavoured chicken balls. Cat approached the pimply faced boy behind the counter.
?Shrimp chicken pls?
?Wjat? I r dunno lol ur fat?
?pls I hab moneys?
?ok, I find ok??
The pimply faced boy shot through the store and into the back room. Searching through storage for the shrimp chicken balls, he became aroused.
?Duo, ur horny n u must faps? the pimply faced boy (who also had a thing for frozen deep fried food products) thought.

Cat grew impatient, it had almost been 10 minutes since her last feeding, and she was getting hungry. ?WHAR SI MAI FOOD!? cat yelled at the top of her lungs.
?IM COMING!!!!!!? screamed Duo
?Gude ok, make them x-tra greese? cat demanded.

?Dude, I have to go surfing / camping / girlfriends / fapping / generally not being on the IRC channel? commented Mr Lee to his best friend p0d. They were Australian, and due to that simply fact have no relevance to this story whatsoever, therefore I will kill them off.
?HELP I AM DIEING!!!? screamed lee and p0d as their island sank into the sea.
?LOL mebe u be next atlantis? commented bug the drunken Scotsman who was watching on a boat. He later died of natural causes.

?Heer u go sir?
?o thx?
Cat took a big fist full of shrimp chicken balls, and felt moderately satisfied by them. ?LOLOL I CUM IN UR FOOD? duo shouted at cat, pointing and jumping up and down.

Little did duo know, he really shot his load into the deep fryer, which he later consumed thinking they were fries. His manager n3ck3h found this pretty funny, but even so he ?!KB duo? from Popeyes, and hired Big Tex who was less of a faggot (by a fraction of a degree).

?Hay dubey, do the fish eat the green or the blue food?? asked otto
?I dunno, mebe you fed them both?? replied dubey
Otto poured the entire bottle of windex into the fish tank, killing off a pair of $3,000 golden Chinese Love Fish.
?Wops, D:? otto began to crie.

?O helo, my name is Chomps, I want some shaved gerbils, and a tube?
?wut fgt??
?o helo, my name is CHOMPS, I want some SHAVED GERBILS, and a TUBE?
Otto went to pick the biggest shaved gerbil he could find, when suddenly cat strolled by. The resulting earthquake caused all the shaved gerbils to escape!

?OH SHIT!!! RNDM, RUDEH, AND ROADEH THE SHAVED GERBILS HAVE ESCAPED!!!!? shouted otto as he tried to corral the gerbils back into their cage.
?Let me help? Chomps said, taking a large traffic funnel, proceeding to shove it up his ass.
?Wut does that do?? asked otto
?I dunno?

During all this commotion, a tall gangly man had entered the pet store, and placed 10 bux of the table. 'I have a thousand more of these in my pocket, and I really do hate you'



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