The End of Summer

Posted on September 3rd 2003 by fr0d

And so we have the end of another summer. Yea, it was short, yea I worked and didn?t get to go anywhere.

I hate being bored, it gives me time to think. I think too much, sometimes I think about thinking. It is redundant I know, yet I obsess about the simplest things. I think about love, hate, scissors, anything. I don?t discern what I don?t appreciate, I reflect what I despise and am appalled that I know nothing --remember less.

Three days ago I took that picture, I was at a park. The bee was gathering nectar for her hive, for her queen, for her sisters. I don?t like my sister. She is an asshole. I have to gather honey for her? I drove up to Bellville because she forgot her CDs at home.

I miss the days when they use to be long. I would wake up and sleep forgetting, nothing finishes in a day anymore. A conclusion is tomorrow, tomorrow is never now not so much as I reflect on what tomorrow could bring. The end does come of course, I do find my solutions, but they are always black socks. They look good on some people, but on me, it just makes my legs look white and stupid.

I was born in 1982, during a great snow storm. I still love the snow, I love how the orange glow of the streetlight illuminates each and every snowflake. Nothing artificial can be placed with such precision as snow, and with the end of summer, comes the start of fall, and the years first snow. HORRAY!

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