Semicolon-Zero: Where are they now?

Posted on October 4th 2005 by Axe
At one point, years ago, we were all wondering where we would be in the year 2005.

Fuf is still alive, far surpassing anyone's predictions.

SubMerged moved to Japan and lost his virginity to the 42-year-old mother of his best friend. (I swear this is true)

Kindred returned from Iraq after kicking asses and defending freedom for a year. He is now back in Hawaii with his wife and daughter.

A self described "wizard", MikeJ spends most his time playing World of Warcraft.

Dubey and Stealth_Shot have gone missing, while rudesmurf and roadeh have returned.

Pikacheney and shep met up in Spain this summer for PrettyCon 2k5. As you may remember, the last PrettyCon was held in California in late 2003. Things went pretty well this year, as pikacheney described on IRC.

[09:26] did shep tell you about our journey of self discovery
[09:27] nope
[09:27] do tell
[09:27] we went on a search for our inner castle
[09:27] well
[09:28] we assumed it was an inner castle because the directions to the real castle led us nowhere
[09:28] so we decided it was a metaphor
[09:28] and as we trudged up the winding roads considering our place in this world
[09:28] we walked by a car
[09:28] and there was a dude inside masturbating
[09:28] end of story

People stuck in college:
cao @ UCLA
clouser @ Penn state
Chomps @ CUNY
l0bstar @ Murray state
big_tex @ Texas Tech
yux @ playground

fr0d and mr_lee have both graduated and recieved their degrees. fr0d is going on to graduate school, while mr_lee is sailing the job market for a career.

While it would be impossible to mention everyone in a small news post, you now have some idea of how things turned out after 4 years. Keep on keepin' on guys.

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