Super Bowl Time again...

Posted on January 26th 2004 by Yucky1
So the gayest of all sports championships, for the gayest of all sports are this weekend... so I felt that it was appropriate to repost my rant on the Superbowl. Enjoy!
"Dude, I only really watch it for the commercials!!"


Are you that stupid to watch a game that is all sissyfied in the first place?

"Whaddya mean Yucky?"

No tackling by the head, taking yourself out of plays(is it too hard for you?), sucking O2 on the sidelines, excersize bikes on the sidelines(RUN IN PLACE YOU FUCKS!), interference? WTF?!?, TV Time Outs, and to top it all off...

REFEREE'S REVIEWING PLAYS? Geez, just get your team of lawyers out there to sue if you don't like the call!

Then you just want to watch it for the commercials??!??! You probably loved the Britney/NSYNC/Aerosmith halftime too!!!


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