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Posted on April 19th 2002 by roadeh
I'll finnaly be updating the portals today. I've been a little busy and lazy so that's why they havn't been updated. Here are some general rules for the portals:

If you wish to be on the portals please message me on IRC or e-mail me

If you do not have hosting, do not ask to be on the portals. I will not host your pictures for you.

No, geocities will not work.

If you don't have a webcam, you cannot be on the portals. (yes, I have been asked this before (133 is exempt from this))

[evil-nazi]Yes, I do use favoritism to decide who is near the top. Either live with it or don't be on the portals. I also go by who updates their cam the most.[/evil-nazi]

Please at least try to update your cam once a week.

Do NOT change your cam URL to many times. It's really annoying.

If your cam image is broken you'll only have a few weeks to fix it or send me the url before you're kicked off the portal. (You can always reapply).

Also, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please e-mail me. Thanks.

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