Tasmania: island of mysteries

Posted on May 3rd 2005 by caoutchouc
As some of you may know, I'm going to (hopefully) spend a semester "down under" in Tasmania next year, on a travel abroad program. Because of this, I've been looking up info about Tasmania and unearthed some startling facts. Here I will clarify some myths about this magical island that bridges the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

Fiction: Mr_lee lives in Tasmania
Fact: Tasmania is the poop of Australia

Fiction: Hobart is the main city of Tasmania
Fact: Hobart contains the words "ho" and "bart"

Fiction: Kangaroos are kept as pets in Tasmania
Fact: Kangaroos are grilled and/or barbecued for a tasty treat

Fiction: Dingos steal babies
Fact: Dingos actually steal other, smaller dingos

Fiction: The currency of Tasmania is the Australian Dollar (AUD)
Fact: Tasmanians use a combination of the barter system and a type of currency known only as "moon money"

Fiction: Tasmania is renowned for its flora and fauna
Fact: Tasmania is the world's second largest producer of cocaine

Fiction: Tasmania is a popular tourist spot of the Japanese
Fact: Tasmania is a government conspiracy

Fiction: Tasmania is a land down under where beer does flow and men chunder
Fact: You better run, you better take cover

Fiction: Koalas are cute and cuddly
Fact: Koalas are fucking your wife at this very moment.

A Tasmanian indigenous person, or "aboriginal." Notice the sharp teeth and adorably hugable bear-like body.

As you can see, Tasmania is a land of lies, deceits and buried truths. Hopefully you'll come away from this update a little smarter, a little wiser, and a little fonder of this crafty little island gem.

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