Results from the ;0 song competition!

Posted on October 20th 2002 by mr_lee
After a few hard, hard weeks the panel of judges have finally come up with not one but two winners for the ;0 song competition!

In joint first place for the ;0 song competition are sh3p and Himmel!

Congrats fellas!

You will soon be the proud new owners of a couple of 10mb hosting accounts

sh3p - red hot chilli peppers - my friends is a superlative song and as you say sums up a lot about us

Himmel - couldn't bare to see you walk away empty handed after you super-human effort

Nice one !!!!!

Commiserations to all the LOSERS, but it's a game of life and death, where only the fittest do survive.

thanks for playing!

Stay tuned for more wacky competitions and prizes! :)

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