Posted on March 2nd 2005 by sh3p
Yeah so I got this from SA and figured that it would be a nice idea for us to have our own team, instead of being in a team with hundreds of people we don't know.


WhatPulse is a project to see how many keys people type, and how many clicks someone makes. It's just a little program that sits in your taskbar and keeps a record of how many buttons you hit, then uploads your stats to a server and you get yourself a little rank.

Basically, you set up an account on the site, download and install the client, and you're good. By default it will 'pulse' (send the amount of keys and clicks) only when you click on it, however you can set it to pulse every amount of hours/days/keys.

I've made the team "Semicolon-Zero" for people to join, just search for teams under your preferences, down the bottom left of the page. You have to have pulsed (double click the W icon in your tray) before you will show up on the rankings page, I've set mine to refresh every 1000 presses, right click the W to set that up!

Let's see who uses their computer the most! (mikej)

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