It's Official

Posted on July 2nd 2004 by Kindred
It is official now gang. For those of you who didn't know already. I am on my way to Iraq this coming fall. We are only supposed to be gone for one year, but it is best to prepare oneself for the worst and expect 18 months. I will have limited access to the net over there and might only be able to stay in touch via email and the forums.

As such with my upcoming abscence I will spending alot less time online and alot more time with my wife and daughter. I value all of you alot, but they are my world and as such they will get more attention.

I am going to miss all of you.

P.S. On July 6th it will be the one year anniversary of the fire and I wanted to thank all of you for the unbeleivably awesome support all of you gave me and my family.

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