Secret Santa Results...Two Months Later

Posted on February 22nd 2005 by Axe
With the ;0 secret santa now long over, I would say things were disappointing at best. Out of 14 people, only 7 recieved gifts.

Axe gave sh3p Family Guy season 3 DVD box set.
Pikacheney gave Sabin a mystery gift.
caoutchouc gave Chomps Smart Mass Thinking Putty.
Chomps gave caoutchouc a miniature remote controlled car.
l0bstar gave Nekton a University of North Carolina t-shirt. Now everyone can know Nekton is a true redneck.
Yucky1 gave Minkee an SA forums account. Not a bad gift, but loses points for being cheap and uncreative.
Sabin gave Bean a mystery gift.

Those who did not recieve a gift from their secret santa:

Incase any of you knuckleheads who didn't send a gift still want to send one months late, you may be able to redeem yourself.

We'll consider this a practice run and leave out all the dingbats next year.

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