Axe works yet more of his magic!

Posted on January 18th 2008 by mr_lee
Wow! What can I say! I'm sure it's nothing I haven't already said before though.

Just spent the last half an hour looking over all the absolutely fantastic work Axe has done on the website. I strongly suggest you guys have a look around too! It's like being hit in the face with a nostalgic hammer. Axe has as usual been up to his tricks - you know the ones - the ones where he doesn't actually say anything and then out of nowhere something awesome appears. The whole website has been hoisted into web2.0, and a hell of a lot of modifications and upgrades made. Woah!

On behalf of the community can I once again say a massive THANK YOU to Axe for all this work. I would hate to see the state things would be in if we didn't have you on our side mate! Seriously never cease to amaze me and everyone else with all your tireless work and effort.

Once more, thanks a shedload mate!!

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