Posted on December 17th 2002 by nimec
Here I am procrasinating some more! I'm supposed to be typing up an essay, but instead I am on here. Its already 11pm and im not done my homework :(. Oh well I'll get it done right after this. Pretty busy time of the year, holidays are coming up and everything is crazy. I dont really got a christmas list since all we are getting this year is a TV and thats basically it. I havent posted anything in a while, oh well. Happy coming holidays people. w00t we are gonna play CS in cisco on friday!! "Test" the capacity of the cisco equipment under "heavy network load".

Today was a fun day, I'm a peer mediator so I got outta school to go to some pointless training with the other peer mediators so we know how to peer mediate. Long story short we all go for the food and the free day off from school. Anyway, I met some new people, these senior two twins, and this other senior girl. Yeah it was a fun day and I was surprised that they sort of knew of me. Not as in my name but just by seeing me around school, and thats surprsing since we got 2000+ kids. I dunno I've always see them around school but never thought they noticed me too, you know like you go somewhere outta school and if your with your family or something your like "hey that person goes to my school" and you only know that from seeing them around. Yeah anyway wierd shit.

So, happy holidays w00t 4 days left till break!! and no midterms till january!!! Have fun studying this week college people and good luck on your exams!

- nimec

One final note: [23:43] My girlfriend's friend bought a pipe online, and they sent us two by accident! Silly potheads!
[23:43] :D

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